Episode 25: How social innovators create lasting change, with Daisy Kopolo

Social innovation has become part of our normal world. According to the World Economic Forum, social issues such as Climate Change, inequality, health, and poverty are problems that need urgent solutions. A volatile and complex world provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to tackle some of the social issues. In this episode, I speak to DaisyContinue reading “Episode 25: How social innovators create lasting change, with Daisy Kopolo”

Episode 24: How to be a great thinker in business – metacognition

Have you ever admired how classical great entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, or Bill Gates are able to think about various issues in a way that is above average? Metacognition – or thinking about thinking – is a higher way of thinking that allows you to be conscious, self-aware and see issues from different angles. InContinue reading “Episode 24: How to be a great thinker in business – metacognition”

Congratulations to our winners!

Congratulations to Lukhanyo Maneli and Terence Molepo for winning copies of the Nuts and Bolts book written by Dr. McLean Sibanda! We cannot wait for you to dig in and join us in the book review episode with Dr. McLean Sibanda! Thank you to everyone who entered. You are welcome to grab your own copyContinue reading “Congratulations to our winners!”

Episode 23: How to lead, manage strategy, and execute, with Dr. Alex Granger

Entrepreneurs are often building the plane, cleaning it, and flying it all at once. They must plan and execute their strategies all at the same time. How do they become excellent at leading themselves and their teams without losing sight of their vision? I am joined by Dr. Alex Granger – a global speaker andContinue reading “Episode 23: How to lead, manage strategy, and execute, with Dr. Alex Granger”

Special Episode: Nuts and Bolts Book Review

We are doing a book review and you could be a winner! Dr. McLean Sibanda is the author of Nuts and Bolts – a book about strengthening the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems of Africa. It is about lessons from his journey in innovation including as CEO of The Innovation Hub – one of Africa’s largestContinue reading “Special Episode: Nuts and Bolts Book Review”

Episode 22: How to spot new opportunities, with Kwame Bekoe

Entrepreneurs discover or create opportunities that ultimately lead to some of our favourite products and solutions to real pressing problems. But how exactly do they spot these opportunities in the first place? What is the mental alertness and type of thinking that allows entrepreneurs to continuously move the world forward? In this episode, I spokeContinue reading “Episode 22: How to spot new opportunities, with Kwame Bekoe”

Episode 21: How high growth entrepreneurs think, with Jito Kayumba

Do you have a high growth mindset? High growth enterprises are rare and their founders have a unique way of thinking. I spoke to Jito Kayumba, a Private Equity investor and partner at Kukula Capital in Zambia. We spoke about the unique ways in which the entrepreneurs of high growth businesses think and how youContinue reading “Episode 21: How high growth entrepreneurs think, with Jito Kayumba”

Episode 20: How to deal with rejection in business

There is an old saying that goes champions eat “no” for breakfast. It is true for entrepreneurs. I recently spoke at an incubator – Women Enabled Enterprises – celebrating the entrepreneurs who had graduated from that incubator. I was encouraged by these entrepreneurs that despite having so much on their plate, they had put inContinue reading “Episode 20: How to deal with rejection in business”

Episode 19: How to become an entrepreneurial leader

As the world continues to experience change, leadership becomes more important now more than ever. A certain type of leader – an entrepreneurial leader is needed to navigate change and find new opportunities in a new world. I spoke to Charles Washoma, a seasoned board director, entrepreneur, and former CEO of Sanlam Life Insurance inContinue reading “Episode 19: How to become an entrepreneurial leader”

Episode 18: Staying motivated as a change Agent

Entrepreneurs are constantly re-inventing things and other entrepreneurs start businesses that solve complex social problems. The path in entrepreneurship is hardly ever linear – it is more of a zig-zag. Motivating yourself on this journey is one of your most important resource. Zukiswa Mqolomba who is been effecting both social and economic change in placesContinue reading “Episode 18: Staying motivated as a change Agent”