Episode 37: Closing Season 2 with Mindfulness

It’s the end of the year and it’s time for some reflection. This episode closes Season 2 of the Wellness for Entrepreneurs Podcast and also helps you to practice mindfulness techniques that are useful for you as an entrepreneur. Please take some time out for yourself to nourish your mind as it is your mostContinue reading “Episode 37: Closing Season 2 with Mindfulness”

Episode 36: How to make sense of a changing world in business

Happy Global Entrepreneurship Week! We are living in a world that is constantly changing which makes planning for business strategy very difficult. In this episode, we speak about how you can sharpen your sensemaking ability that will help you find direction in a chaotic environment. Sensemaking is useful for entrepreneurs as a strategy for entrepreneursContinue reading “Episode 36: How to make sense of a changing world in business”

Episode 33: How to deal with burnout as an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs face a high risk of burnout due to their passion, uncertain environments, and conflicting demands. But the “hustle-culture” has promoted an inability to recognize burnout in entrepreneurs. This episode helps entrepreneurs to recognize burnout and recommends strategies for coping.  You may listen here: You may watch here:

Episode 24: How to be a great thinker in business – metacognition

Have you ever admired how classical great entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, or Bill Gates are able to think about various issues in a way that is above average? Metacognition – or thinking about thinking – is a higher way of thinking that allows you to be conscious, self-aware and see issues from different angles. InContinue reading “Episode 24: How to be a great thinker in business – metacognition”

Episode 22: How to spot new opportunities, with Kwame Bekoe

Entrepreneurs discover or create opportunities that ultimately lead to some of our favourite products and solutions to real pressing problems. But how exactly do they spot these opportunities in the first place? What is the mental alertness and type of thinking that allows entrepreneurs to continuously move the world forward? In this episode, I spokeContinue reading “Episode 22: How to spot new opportunities, with Kwame Bekoe”

Episode 13 – The mindset of transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship

Many large companies have shed jobs driven both by digitalization and Covid19. For the first time, full-time employment is becoming less and less of a normality. In this episode, I spoke to Adi Kaimowitz on the type of mindset that employees looking to make a shift to entrepreneurship need to have. You may watch ourContinue reading “Episode 13 – The mindset of transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship”