Podcasts – Episode 14: The history and future of entrepreneurship in Africa, with Dr Charles Sinkala

Very little is known about the first form of trade and entrepreneurship in Africa.  Today the African continent is one of the poorest continents in the world. But history shows that trade and entrepreneurship happened in Africa in the early 500s. In this episode, we explore the mindset of entrepreneurship that existed in Africa in the early 500s and we trace it to the entrepreneurial mindset that exists in the 21st Century. 
 I spoke to Dr. Charles Sinkala who is an international political analyst and lawyer by background. He is a former member of Parliament in Zambia and the 2021 Presidential Candidate in Zambia. He is the President of Africa 55 States – an advocacy group that drives free-thinking in Africa. 
 We end our discussion on how Africa can emancipate the thinking of her people such that her entrepreneurs can thrive. 

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