Episode 29: Balancing family and identity as an entrepreneur

In this episode, Edzai Zvobwo and I speak about how to navigate family as an entrepreneur and how to design synergies and boundaries that help you thrive in your entrepreneurship journey. We talk about the importance of maintaining balance such that you stay centred while navigating the challenges of growing and starting a business. EdzaiContinue reading “Episode 29: Balancing family and identity as an entrepreneur”

Episode 28: Your identity as an entrepreneur – “Who am I?”

Entrepreneurs push boundaries and colour outside the lines. They are often misunderstood. In this episode, I speak about how you can maintain your distinct identity as an entrepreneur while designing a life for yourself that provides you with both comfort and strength to continue colouring outside the lines. You may listen here: https://wellness4entrepreneurs.buzzsprout.com/1289792/8469345-episode-28-your-identity-as-an-entrepreneur-who-am-i See allContinue reading “Episode 28: Your identity as an entrepreneur – “Who am I?””