Special Episode: Nuts and Bolts Book Review

We are doing a book review and you could be a winner! Dr. McLean Sibanda is the author of Nuts and Bolts – a book about strengthening the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems of Africa. It is about lessons from his journey in innovation including as CEO of The Innovation Hub – one of Africa’s largestContinue reading “Special Episode: Nuts and Bolts Book Review”

Episode 22: How to spot new opportunities, with Kwame Bekoe

Entrepreneurs discover or create opportunities that ultimately lead to some of our favourite products and solutions to real pressing problems. But how exactly do they spot these opportunities in the first place? What is the mental alertness and type of thinking that allows entrepreneurs to continuously move the world forward? In this episode, I spokeContinue reading “Episode 22: How to spot new opportunities, with Kwame Bekoe”

Episode 21: How high growth entrepreneurs think, with Jito Kayumba

Do you have a high growth mindset? High growth enterprises are rare and their founders have a unique way of thinking. I spoke to Jito Kayumba, a Private Equity investor and partner at Kukula Capital in Zambia. We spoke about the unique ways in which the entrepreneurs of high growth businesses think and how youContinue reading “Episode 21: How high growth entrepreneurs think, with Jito Kayumba”

Episode 19: How to become an entrepreneurial leader

As the world continues to experience change, leadership becomes more important now more than ever. A certain type of leader – an entrepreneurial leader is needed to navigate change and find new opportunities in a new world. I spoke to Charles Washoma, a seasoned board director, entrepreneur, and former CEO of Sanlam Life Insurance inContinue reading “Episode 19: How to become an entrepreneurial leader”

Episode 15: How to develop a disruptive and innovative mindset

Disruptive companies are industry game-changers. They redefine the rules of the industries they disrupt and move the world forward. In this episode we spoke to Dr. Nik Eberl who is a scholar and practitioner in innovation. We explored how entrepreneurs can develop a disruptive mindset and the tools and strategies they can use. Innovation andContinue reading “Episode 15: How to develop a disruptive and innovative mindset”

Episode 13 – The mindset of transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship

Many large companies have shed jobs driven both by digitalization and Covid19. For the first time, full-time employment is becoming less and less of a normality. In this episode, I spoke to Adi Kaimowitz on the type of mindset that employees looking to make a shift to entrepreneurship need to have. You may watch ourContinue reading “Episode 13 – The mindset of transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship”