Episode 28: Your identity as an entrepreneur – “Who am I?”

Entrepreneurs push boundaries and colour outside the lines. They are often misunderstood. In this episode, I speak about how you can maintain your distinct identity as an entrepreneur while designing a life for yourself that provides you with both comfort and strength to continue colouring outside the lines.

You may listen here:


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Episode 35: Marketing as a strategy for innovative entrepreneurs, with Fiona Kigen Wellness for Entrepreneurs

Marketing is often the last thing entrepreneurs think about when making their product/service and starting their business. But, marketing is a powerful strategy for entrepreneurs and must be part of the product development process right at the beginning. Fiona Kigen – a marketing expert, Ph.D., and Vice President –  shares how entrepreneurs can do this in this episode. This episode is part of our strategy for entrepreneurs series.
  1. Episode 35: Marketing as a strategy for innovative entrepreneurs, with Fiona Kigen
  2. Episode 34: How to develop Strategy as an Entrepreneur
  3. Episode 33: How to deal with burnout as an entrepreneur
  4. Episode 32: Dealing with the fear of failure in business, with Didier Mbayo
  5. Episode 31: Finding opportunity in the tourism sector, with Robyn Christie

You will hear about how human beings define their identities and the psychological needs that accompany those identities and how entrepreneurs can optimise these contrasting needs to maintain their uniqueness.

You may watch the video here: https://wellness4entrepreneurs.com/podcasts-episode-28-your-identity-as-an-entrepreneur-who-am-i/

I hope you find the episode useful. Love and light. 🙂

Published by Mmathebe Zvobwo

I am a finance professional and a qualified Chartered Accountant. I am experienced in funding startups and developing entrepreneurs. I am also an experienced Executive in finance and Enterprise and Supplier Development with a demonstrated history of working in the retail, financial services, and technology industries. I am skilled in Strategy development, innovation management, building business models using emerging technologies, Investment Analysis, Internal Audit, Analytical Skills, Management, and Financial Accounting. I am also a strong business development professional with a Master of Management focused in Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation.

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