Episode 26: How to build self-belief in business, with Aaron Munetsi

Self-belief in entrepreneurship is not just about being a confident person. It is about believing in your abilities to start and run a business successfully even when faced with failure.

In this episode, I speak to Aaron Munetsi, a pioneer in aviation on the African continent. Starting from the Wrights Brothers who pioneered the aviation industry to people like Aaron, I believe there is a lot we can learn about how to be confident in your entrepreneurial abilities and to stay resilient and open-minded when the going gets tough.

Picture by Raily News.com

We talk about how society and parents are so critical to helping entrepreneurs develop self-belief and we use some principles from Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers book. 

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Episode 37: Closing Season 2 with Mindfulness Wellness for Entrepreneurs

It's the end of the year and it's time for some reflection. This episode closes Season 2 of the Wellness for Entrepreneurs Podcast and also helps you to practice mindfulness techniques that are useful for you as an entrepreneur. Please take some time out for yourself to nourish your mind as it is your most important asset. Thank you again for your continued support. May you have a blessed holiday season! 
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  5. Episode 33: How to deal with burnout as an entrepreneur

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This episode is brought to you in collaboration with Eagle Wings Consultancy, a Pan-African partnerships and networking agency founded by Candy Kansokomona.

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