Episode 22: How to spot new opportunities, with Kwame Bekoe

Entrepreneurs discover or create opportunities that ultimately lead to some of our favourite products and solutions to real pressing problems. But how exactly do they spot these opportunities in the first place? What is the mental alertness and type of thinking that allows entrepreneurs to continuously move the world forward? In this episode, I spoke to Kwame Bekoe who is an aviation professional, engineer, and the founder of a popular restaurant in Accra, Ghana – N8tive Food & Beverage Bar. Having been a former sales director at Airbus and travelled all over the world, Kwame decided to pursue multiple businesses in agriculture on the African continent.

Kwame has been recently recognised by the United Nations as one of Africa’s Most Influential People of African Descent in entrepreneurship and business. He was also named Ghana’s Top 40 under 40 most influential leaders in 2018.

You may listen to our conversation here:


Our conversation covers a wide range of elements regarding the mindset required to continuously see opportunity where others see calamity. We also discuss ways in which you can constantly switch your brain on, so you are continuously improving your value propositions.

You may watch the video of the episode here: https://wellness4entrepreneurs.com/podcasts-episode-22-how-to-spot-new-opportunities/

This episode is brought to you in collaboration with Eagles Wings Consultancy – a Pan-African networking and meeting facilitation company.

Published by Mmathebe Zvobwo

I am a finance professional and a qualified Chartered Accountant. I am experienced in funding startups and developing entrepreneurs. I am also an experienced Executive in finance and Enterprise and Supplier Development with a demonstrated history of working in the retail, financial services, and technology industries. I am skilled in Strategy development, innovation management, building business models using emerging technologies, Investment Analysis, Internal Audit, Analytical Skills, Management, and Financial Accounting. I am also a strong business development professional with a Master of Management focused in Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation.

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