Episode 10: Increasing your creativity, brand consciousness, and telling your story – with Joanne Augustin

Creativity is a competitive advantage in entrepreneurship, and yet it remains a fluid concept for many people. In this episode, I spoke to creative entrepreneur, brand, and content strategist, Joanne Augustin. She is the founder of “All Things Content” – a brand content strategy firm based in Atlanta, United States.

We spoke about the concept of creativity, how entrepreneurs can improve their creativity, and ultimately how they can tell their stories a lot better. Brand consciousness and communication is linked to the economic outcomes that so many entrepreneurs look for.

Ultimately, increasing your creativity and how you tell your story requires a number of factors and skills from entrepreneurs. These are existing domain knowledge and superior cognitive processes that allow entrepreneurs to see patterns and connections in multiple domains/areas. Additionally, factors such as your motivation, the work environment, and your overall mental wellness play a large role in determining the level of your creativity.

What is quite strange about creativity is that often, it requires society to approve and legitimize its brilliance. In art, there must be a consensus that Leonardo da Vinci‘s Mona Lisa is a masterpiece. Likewise, in entrepreneurship there must be consensus of novelty and innovation of certain products. Communication, brand positioning, and telling your story as an entrepreneur becomes extremely important in this regard.

You may also listen to the audio version by following this link: https://linktr.ee/Wellness4Entrepreneurs

You may watch our interview here:

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