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Episode 37: Closing Season 2 with Mindfulness Wellness for Entrepreneurs

It's the end of the year and it's time for some reflection. This episode closes Season 2 of the Wellness for Entrepreneurs Podcast and also helps you to practice mindfulness techniques that are useful for you as an entrepreneur. Please take some time out for yourself to nourish your mind as it is your most important asset. Thank you again for your continued support. May you have a blessed holiday season! 
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  3. Episode 35: Marketing as a strategy for innovative entrepreneurs, with Fiona Kigen
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  5. Episode 33: How to deal with burnout as an entrepreneur

About us

Wellness for entrepreneurs is a space for founders and their teams to share how they make sense of the world in identifying new ideas and opportunities. We focus on holistic wellness for entrepreneurs and their teams and offer the following services:

  • Entrepreneurial courses and coaching
  • Proposal writing and funding applications
  • Accounting services and financial statements
  • Personal finance and getting on top of your credit record

About the host and author

Mmathebe Zvobwo

I’m Mmathebe the founder and host of Wellness for Entrepreneurs. I have 12 years of experience in investing in entrepreneurs and working with founders. I am a finance professional and hold a Masters’s degree in entrepreneurship and new venture creation and I am a qualified Chartered Accountant. My hope for Wellness for Entrepreneurs is to be a space of holistic wellness from cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset to growing your business, funding, and staying on top of your personal finances.

Season 2 is all about exploring different facets of how entrepreneurs think. It is to bring consciousness to your days as you go about building your business. We have loads of exciting guests to help you do this! Listen to find out more! 

What People Say

These series of podcasts have been the most useful way for us to recharge our energy as we further shape our business.

William & Megan James

Coaching and courses

We host a variety of courses focused on founders and their teams that help them navigate new venture creation.

Building strong entrepreneurial teams

In this course, you will assess your founding team and understand how it can build entrepreneurial knowledge systems that propel your new venture’s progress.

Personal entrepreneurial development

Whether you are at the nascent stage or raising new funding for your venture, this course will focus on developing your core strengths and managing fear related to each stage of your venture.

Evaluating opportunities for new ventures or pivoting

This course focuses on your mindset and understanding your mental models that ultimately determine which opportunities you are likely to pursue.